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Xiaohong Qiu

Senior Research Associate II



Xiaohong Qiu is a senior research associate at HiberCell. Prior to joining HiberCell, she was at Biothera Pharmaceuticals and focused on immuno-oncology for the treatment of multiple malignancies with the company’s biological response modifiers (BRMs) in combination with check point inhibitors.

Previously, she worked at 3M in small molecule drug research for cancer, chronic viral diseases and vaccine adjuvants. Xiaohong began her career at Medtronic, where she focused on developing biologic therapeutics for bradycardia and heart failure. She was also involved in the discovery of the narcolepsy gene, Orexin Receptor II, at Stanford University and in developing novel cellular therapeutics for gene therapy and cancer immunotherapy with cutting edge genome engineering technologies in University of Minnesota.

Xiaohong earned her Bachelor of Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.