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Developing Novel Therapeutics to Prevent Relapse and Metastasis

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Our Focus

Despite significant advances in treatment of primary tumors, metastatic cancer remains a leading cause of solid cancer mortality.1 HiberCell seeks to change that. As “the dormancy company,” we are the first company exclusively focused on therapeutically modulating the biology and mechanisms of tumor dormancy. Toward this goal we are developing first-in-class therapeutics that target dormant disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) from solid and liquid cancers. Our ultimate goal is to prevent or delay the recurrence of cancer.

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Our Team’s Commitment

Our team is passionately committed to preventing cancer metastasis and relapse. As the understanding of cancer has evolved, dormant DTCs have emerged as a key player in cancer relapse and metastasis. Together, we are building new therapeutic approaches based on the foundational role of these cells in the biology of residual disease. Our commitment is translating these findings into novel mechanisms of cancer therapy that change cancer patients’ lives.

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Publications & News

Stay current in the field of tumor dormancy through company updates, news and publications.

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We’re doing big things. See if there’s a role for you on Team HiberCell.

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Our Investors

We are proud to be supported by some of the world’s most visionary investors in biotechnology. Our investors share our commitment and vision to change the way we think about and treat metastatic, relapsed cancer.